Radon Gas Warning

The Daily Telegraph warns that “1,000 people die in the UK annually from preventable radon leaks in [the] home”. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can enter buildings through cracks in the foundations, potentially damaging people’s lungs.

The current UK policy is to only install anti-radon measures in new homes built in areas with high radon levels. The newspaper says installing cheap anti-radon barriers into all new homes could cut deaths from radon-related lung cancer.

The story is based on a complex cost-effectiveness analysis which examined policies to control levels of radon in UK homes. By analysing data from other studies, researchers estimated that 3.3% of lung cancer deaths (1,100 per year) are linked to radon. They also found that measures such as the installation of radon-proof membranes in all new homes would be a cost-effective way to reduce lung cancer related to radon exposure. Installing anti-radon measures into existing homes was not found to be cost effective.

Article from: NHS Choices

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