Employers Responsibility

What is our responsibility under H&S to our employees?


Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 

This legislation requires employers as far as reasonably practicable to ensure the health and safety of employees and other people who have access to their work environment, for instance memb…

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Every breath you take

During our lifetime we each breathe about 250 million litres of air, according to a recent report from the Royal College of Physicians. And the ‘non-optional extras’ we are breathing in with that air are of growing concern. While attempts to tackle outdoor air pollution are ramping up (although this is still a political hot potato) there are few regulatory controls on indoor air pollution.

In 2012, indoor air pollution is estimated to have caused or contributed to 99,000 deaths in Europe. To put this figure in some sort of context: 27,700 people were killed in road traffic incidents in the EU in the same year.

Worryingly, but not unsurprising, the report says that the drive to crea…

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