As Members of The Radon Council (Registration # 05174) we provide radon detection and reduction services across the UK to customers including, Multi National corporations to Smaller Companies, Schools & Universities through to the general public.

We specialise in radon gas measurements and offer high quality radon gas testing kits for the home and the workplace. More and more research links adverse health effects with exposure to radon gas. With a simple screening test you can find out if you at risk. 

Richard Waters has been working with Radon Gas for 10 years and joined the Radon Council of London in 2005 after successfully passing examinations. David Rees and Richard joined partnership after recognising the lack of knowledge of compliance of HSE law. David’s background being in Architecture and construction project management is now concentration on the risk management of Radon within existing buildings and the prevention in new builds. Together they already have completed several ‘Radon in Schools testing programmes’ and ‘Civic buildings programme’ of 9 local authorities, also completing programmes for many Universities, Health Boards, Large Companies and The Welsh Assembly.

Both have worked on premises in England, Wales and overseas, testing, advising and implementing remedial strategies with a 100% success rate. They have also written advice papers for Public Health England and for the Irish Government.


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